architecture aims at eternity

About me

We have 20 years of experience specialising in architectural design for the domestic market, education and retail work with a special interest in historic buildings.

Services are from inception, detailed design to planning and building regulation approvals, on site work and interior design.


If you are considering any building work, now is the time to start planning and budgeting. We can advise on cost and on any other consultants you may require for your project


Please do not hesitate to use our contact form if you have an enquiry.



A plan for the construction of an object, system, or human interaction.

Urban Planning

The technical process concerned with the development and use of land.


The process, art, or manner of building something.

I also Love...

I love playing music. However, there's something special about a band. I love playing with my band. There are so many reasons bands become like family, and if they don't - they probably aren't the right fit. (been there, too).


I feel so comfortable around my guys; We can just relax, have fun, and work together through our sets. When things go wrong, no worries - they're there for me. When things go right? We smile, laugh, and share some pretty fabulous memories. Shout out to the greatest guys in the world!


I love my band!